Q: How do I get the ZFIT APP?

A: Please visit http://www.ZFITband.com/download  select "Download" icon for installing ZFIT App on your smart phone or scan the QR Code to download the App. The latest ZFIT App will be updated on this official website as soon as new version is released. By the way, the ZFIT app is also available in the App Store and Google Play, recommended that user update the ZFIT App to latest version after you download APP from Apple Store or Google Play.

Q: Why I fail to install the ZFIT APP?

A: ONYX B2 wristband uses Bluetooth-Low-Energy technology, so your smartphone operation system (OS) must meet the following versions iOS 7.1 or above or Android 4.3 or above.

Q: I can't receive the verification code when signing up by entering my phone number.

A: Try register by entering your Email address, verify that you are connected to Wifi or mobile network.

Q: I can't find "B2" in my phone's Bluetooth device.

A: Your mobile phone will not recognize your B2 wristband until you have sync your fitness band with your smartphone by using ZFIT App, so run the ZFIT App for pairing with B2 wristband.

Q: I can't sync my wristband in APP.

A: First, make sure you have the latest firmware and APP, then try the following methods below:

  1. When the ZFIT App shows up "Connecting the device" for more than 10 seconds, please leave the "Data sync" page, then retry syncing;
  2. Ignore B2 wristband
    • Go to your smartphone's "Setting" --> then select "Bluetooth connection" --> then find B2 --> Forget this device (or Unpair B2)
    • Logout of ZFIT App on your smartphone system, then run "ZFIT" App again.
    • Tap the top surface of B2 wristband until it shows up time or any data, then select "Setting" on ZFIT App --> select "Data synchronize" --> find the most strong signal (smallest minus number) B2 wristband.
    • ZFIT App will start to connect with B2 wristband again, and sync data with B2, then all data will be uploaded to user's smartphone as well as cloud server.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth function in your smartphone, then turn on for data sync again.
  4. Delete the ZFIT APP and reinstall it. (The latest version can be download at http://www.ZFITband.com/downLoad)
  5. Your wristband cannot sync to the smartphone if you have link it with other device, or this wristband has been unlink by someone else.

Q: B2 wristband still receive Caller ID reminder or message notification even I have turned off call notification in ZFIT APP for iOS.

A: B2 will still receive Caller ID reminder and message notifications even though you turn off call notification in ZFIT APP, since the wristband was linked with iOS notification center. So if you want to cancel the notification reminding, please go to the notification center on your iPhone or Android phone to switch off related notifications.

Q: What can I do when my wristband has linked to other device?

A: You can unlink your wristband in ZFIT APP on the  "Setting" Unlink device.

Q: Why my wristband doesn't vibrate?

A: If the battery icon flashes, it means low power. To save the power, the motor inside wristband will stop work until battery power resumed to above 15%.

Q: I can't use my wristband after upgrading firmware.

A: Please retry to upgrade the firmware. If it still doesn't work, call ZFIT support for additional support.

Q: Why my Fitness band vibrates sometimes?

A: There are several situations the B2 wristband will vibrate.

  1. When you receive phone calls, messages or e-mail, the wristband will vibrate to remind you. After you tap the screen of wristband four times to exit the information reminder interface. If you didn't read the information on the phone, wristband will not stop vibrating until you read the information or clear it on your iPhone. For Android phones, the wristband will vibrate only one time when receive phone call or message.
  2. Wrist band will vibrate to remind you if you doesn't achieve the daily aim, and you should do more exercise/steps to achieve the goal to be healthy.
  3. Wristband will vibrate to congratulate you when your daily goal is 100% completed.
  4. When the sleeping time is set, wristband will vibrate to remind you the start of sleeping time, and vibrate again to reminder you to wakeup at the end of sleeping time.
  5. Alarm clocks and long period time sitting reminder will activate the vibrator too.

Q: Does the ONYX B2 support heartrate?

A: Not at this time, we are developing a heartrate version in the future. 

Q: Account does not exist?

A: The account was not save:

  1. Re-enter information.
  2. Enter confirmation code.
  3. Connect unit with Bluetooth.
  4. Sync data.

Q: Is the unit water resistance?

A: Yes, it is classified as IPX7. Theis means you can shower and wear in pool for 1 meter deep for half hour at a time. 

Q: Why I have an error "Account not exist?

A: It means you have not completed the Registration, follow the steps again until you get to the main screen.

Q: After I enter Country Code, Phone number and Email address, Get Error!


A: After selecting Country, you should enter Phone number or Email address (not both). If both, when select "Get Code" you will get Server busy or not get confirmation code.